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Support Overview

Exceeding Customer Expectations

NOC functions and staff roles

Initial trouble shooting of problems

Contact technical person(s) to further troubleshoot and/or fix the problem

Contact vendors to investigate hardware outages or degradation issues

Central command center for all urgent or emergency Zito-to-Customer communications

24x7 Monitoring

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is comprised of experienced, technical customer service agents that have significant industry knowledge, with vital experience successfully handling crisis situations. All system events are logged on problem notification (via alarm or customer call), with the NOC working to determine the problem source, and to dispatch personnel as required.

Network Operations Center (NOC): 877.742.8272 (toll-free)

Technical Support Email: noc@zitobusiness.com

Customers are encouraged to call the NOC with any operational questions or concerns about Zito products and services. The NOC has access to our experienced technical and engineering staff, and has full customer documentation and onsite procedures. Predefined protocols are a key part of the procedures the NOC follows.

Network Operations Center (NOC): 877-742-8272